Welcome to the new home of Esser Performance. We specialize in custom, high quality drop on wiring harnesses for Holley Terminator, Dominator EFI systems on the LS, Hemi and Magnum engine platforms. We also offer drop on harnesses utilizing the stock PCM in these applications for you guys swapping stock computers and setups into older model vehicles. We also specialize in First and Second Generation Dodge Dakota/Durango truck engine swap harnesses and upgrades.

Our initial line-up will include coverage for the following applications

  • Gen 3/4 LS Dominator, Terminator Applications
  • Gen 3/4 Factory PCM Applications – HP Tuners
  • Hemi 2003 – 2013+ Dominator, Terminator Applications
  • Hemi 2003 – 2013+ Factory PCM Applications – HP Tuners
  • Dodge Dakota/Durango Magnum Factory JTEC Applications – HP Tuners
  • Dodge Dakota/Durango Magnum Terminator Applications
  • Megasquirt and Haltech Options to come soon after

Future Options

  • Small Block Chevrolet Terminator MPEFI kits and harnesses
  • First Generation Tuned Port Terminator MPEFI kits and harnesses
  • Gen 2 LT1 and LT4 Tuned Port Terminator MPEFI kits and harnesses
  • Upgrade packages for older GM crate engines


Gen 3 and 4 LS Engines

Gen 3 Hemi Engines

Magnum 5.2 and 5.9 Engines

Drop the carb and add reliabiliy to your Gen 1 SBC

Update your unreliable LT1/LT4 System with a Holley EFI Upgrade

Update older GM crate engines to modern EFI

All our harnesses come standard with these upgrades

  • VATS/Pass Key/SKIM Deletion on customer provided or reman stock PCMs
  • MDS/AFM System deletes at customer request
  • All Weatherpack and Metripack connectors upgraded to Deutsch DT (where possible)
  • New OEM style connectors
  • New Tefzel, TXL or SXL wire (depending on upgrade selected)
  • Braided PET high heat resistant style wire loom (superior to old split loom)
  • Printed heat shrink labels for every connector making installation a breeze
  • High quality connector boots for even more protection and harness longevity
  • Firewall grommet or Autosport bulkhead options (depending on upgrade selected)
  • All harness kits come with circuit printouts and pinouts. A copy is also provided on a CD rom


Additional available upgrades available

  • Flanged Autosport bulkheads, multiple styles
  • Upgraded injector power harness for running larger injectors
  • Upgraded coil power harness for todays hotter ‘smart’ coil systems
  • Boost Control Circuits
  • Nitrous Kit Wiring Additions
  • Flex Fuel Sensors
  • Lightweight Tefzel wire option
  • Techflex high heat loom upgrade, also available in multiple colors
  • Solid state relay upgrades for PWM fuel pump, radiator fan control
  • Power Distribution Module integration (ECU Master, Smartwire)
  • Digital dash integration (Holley, Racepack, ECU Master)
  • GPS Dash Integration
  • Integration with MSD or other aftermarket ignition/EFI and traction control systems
  • Customized harness lengths for remote and interior mounting of PCM
  • GPS Anti-theft tracker integration (Monthly fee applies)
  • Remote Start and anti-theft integration


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